Nancy Drew Spy Challenge 

(3/8) Hidden Locations 

Tomb of the Lost Queen, Nefertari’s Tomb 

I love this location because it’s what you’ve been looking for this entire mystery. The grandeur of her golden coffin, the faded paintings on the walls, the large guardians that almost blend into the walls truly make this a beautiful and wonderful place to discover. 

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I am so sorry, I haven’t posted in absolute ages! I’ve been extremely busy with school, but I’m resolving to post more often.

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I’m back from musical theater camp! I’ll get started on the Clue Crew casting. 

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Nancy Drew Title Theme - piano version



I’ve wanted to do this for ages, and had a bit of time just now, so I came up with a quick arrangement based mostly on the piano in the original.

Guys, you have no idea how happy I felt playing this. I seriously want to make sheet music out of it or something, I just love this piece so much

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4/? Nancy Drew Locations: Charlotte’s Room

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Forgot to tell you guys, but I’m not going to be posting much the next two weeks. I’m at theatre camp!

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What game should I cast after I finish the Clue Crew?

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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy Dreamcast

Nancy Drew Emma Stone

Corine Myers Zoe Kravitz

Mel Corbalis Dianna Agron

Leela Yadav Nina Dobrev

Rachel Hubbard Mia Wasikowska

Izzy Romero Francia Raisa

All image credit goes to their respective creators. 

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